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Equipment Servicing Equipment Servicing

Everything from sterilizers to surgical tables.

Equipment Servicing Equipment Rebuilding

Your own equipment rebuilt to new or better than new condition with a new equipment warranty. A very cost effective alternative to purchasing new.

Equipment Servicing We will completely Rebuild your:

Equipment Servicing Rebuilt Equipment Sales

We can provide any type of medical equipment that you require in any quality.

  • Warranty – Our rebuilt equipment comes with a like new or better warranty along   with all of the improvements and updates available
  • Variety – Everything from a very dependable table top sterilizer to a large pre vac with steam generator
  • Value – Complete turn key surgical center saves your budget

Equipment Servicing Liquidating your used Equipment

Several options are available for finding a buyer for you.

  • Marketing your equipment through our many resources
  • Providing a warranty creating a great selling point
  • Purchasing your equipment outright
  • Remove/dispose of or donate your old, outdated, in the way equipment

Equipment Servicing Equipment Evaluation

  • For insurance purposes
  • Evaluating the overall condition and state of repair
  • Should you buy new equipment?
  • Is your current equipment going to fit your needs for the next 2 years?

Equipment Servicing Trouble Shooting

Recurring problems with the same device over and over again. No one seems to be able to find a solution. We love puzzles!


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