3080 and 3085 Steris/Amsco Surgical <br>               Table Rebuild program
H&S Medical trained surgical table repair technician
3080 and 3085 Steris/Amsco Surgical <br>               Table Rebuild program
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Steris / Amsco 3080 and 3085 Surgical Table Rebuild program.

Toll Free: 800.508.7865

Does your 3080 or newer 3085 surgical table have a case of the wobbles?
H&S Medical can easily remedy that for much less than you would expect – and very quickly too!

Typically, we can rebuild 3080 and 3085 tables in seven days or less with a scheduled service appointment.

The problem:
Your 3080 or 3085 table has excessive lateral and longitudinal play or is considered damaged. The only solution you seem to be getting is a $20,000 column replacement or buying new, very pricey tables. In this process you hope they address any current and pending problems that your table may have. Doing so takes up a lot of space and time. If they need to take the table away there are expensive shipping fees and risk that the table may be damaged in shipping. There could be some nasty surprises awaiting you here.

The solution:
We can handle the entire process for you, painlessly. H&S Medical will roll your table into a service bay and catalog then photograph your table. Disassembly then begins and cleaning all parts in preparation for reassembly using new parts. Column bearings are replaced, lubricated and PROPERLY ADJUSTED at this time. This is a procedure that is very difficult to do properly in the field and if not done correctly can cause the bearings to fail or seize. The tilt pin bushings are also serviced as well as Main lift stage block assy and any hydraulic issues there may be. All moving parts are lubricated and readjusted to original specifications.

Can this service be done at your location?
Under certain circumstances yes, but we do not recommend it. It is difficult to make sure you have every tool, replacement part and appliance with you at a remote site. Having to walk away from a disassembled table with all of its parts spread out at a remote site for a day or more is not a good idea. The possibility that an unusual part may be needed is a reality.

What about shipping?
We can have your table picked up using our express service anywhere in the continental US. Our express service is fast and reasonably priced. In some locations, the shipping is free. Liftgate service is always free.

How much will this cost?
The fee for rebuilding your table at our facility under normal circumstances is about $5,000 with a one-year warranty. H&S will generate an exact quote when we inspect your table. We also pay one-way shipping fees. Your shipping fee with our discount will be very reasonable.


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