H&S Surgical Table Rebuilding Program

Does your 3085 or 4085 Steris table have a case of the wobbles?

H&S MEDICAL Rebuilds, repairs and refurbishes 3085 and 4085 Steris surgical tables.

An example of a table rebuild we could do with our surgical table rebuild service. This is a steris 3085.


Your Steris 3085/4085 surgical table has excessive, very loose play to the point that it is dangerous to your patients.

You have been told that it can be repaired with either a $20,000 column replacement or something called a “surgical table tune up” or perhaps a “saddle pin bushing replacement” or that it cannot be repaired. We can do better.

None of these are a solution and ignore other hidden problems that are sure to come. A surgical table that has excessive play has other problems as well. Surgical tables do not just become loose without a reason. You need to solve the underlying problem and NEW Surgical tables can easily cost $35,000.00 and more!


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Your Steris 3085 and 4085 surgical tables can be rebuilt by H&S Medical to like new condition with a “like new” warranty for a fraction of the cost of buying “new” expensive tables. Rebuilt tables look and perform like new surgical tables and they have a “RENEWED” life span like a new table.

All components are rebuilt or replaced and the tables are repainted, polished and identifying and caution decals are applied. We can also convert non-battery to battery tables at this time for a small fee.

A rebuilt Steris 3085/4085 table has had all of its issues addressed at the same time. Electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components are returned to service and ALL batteries are replaced.


No one can properly perform detailed rebuilding or refurbishing of any surgical table on location. Simple routine repairs, yes. It is far too easy to miss pending problems or make the required fine adjustments while crawling around on your hands and knees. We take the table to our purpose-built facility where the technician places the table onto a lift. The table is carefully disassembled at eye level using specialized tooling and every part is checked, repaired or replaced. It is then reassembled just like the original factory did with new paint, polished shrouds, new decals and looks and performs like a new table at a fraction of the cost with a 1 year warranty.


We handle the shipping with EZ load shipping containers that protect your table and reduces shipping expenses to VERY reasonable rates. Hospitals closer to our location can have tables picked up and delivered by one of our trucks.


A  3085/4085 Steris table will cost about $5,000.00 plus a reasonable shipping fee. If you want a battery conversion for a non-battery table we can perform that task at the same time for an additional cost saving fee. Call for a free quote or inspection of your tables at your location anywhere in the continental U.S.A.!

We provide surgical table rebuild service all over the United States

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